The Rotary Club of Alton and Godfrey provided $17,000 and club members built this Winter Camping Lodge at Camp Warren Levis in 1987. The roof needed to replaced. Roofing was donated GAF Corp. thur ABC Supply Co. Don ,and Ben Moyer along with Scott Goforth and his assistant applied the new roof starting at 6 am and finishing June 21, 2014.

Summary of Club Activities 2010-2011

Projected Alton-Godfrey Rotary Club Activities 2010-2011 3/22/10
Roland Hansen
Club Meetings on Mondays at 6:00 pm
Board Meetings(5:00pm) and Student of the Month Awards(Sept - June, 6:00pm) on Second Monday of the Month
Steak Frys on Third Monday of the Month at Rolling Hills, plus Golf Outings April thru October
Club Assemblies Quarterly at Club Meetings community international
meeting social fund raiser service service
June Annual Meeting- Installation of Officers and Paul Harris Awards x x
August Big Gig- music on the Riverfront,   Manning Concession Stands x x
October District Conference in Springfield x
November Pecan Distribution and Sales x
November Christmas Tree Raising at Lincoln Douglas Square x
December Annual Meeting for Election of Officers & Board Members x
December St. Anthony's hosts Rotary Christmas Dinner and provides program x
December Dictionaries for 4th Graders x
December Winter Wonderland at Rock Springs Park x x
December Wreaths Across America x
December Salvation Army Bell Ringing x
December Rotary Annual Family Christmas Party at Rolling Hills x
January Take Down Christmas Tree at Lincoln Douglas Square x
January Presidents Summit/Pre-PETS, District Meetings x
March Chili Chowdown x
March 90th Anniversary Celebration of Alton-Godfrey Rotary Club x
March PETS (President Elect Training Seminar) x
April District Assembly (Training) x
May/June Rotary Golf Challenge (Scramble) x
May Bucket Brigade x
Other Cardinals vs Cubs Baseball Game in St. Louis, District Fundraiser x x
Other Work at Lincoln Douglas Square, flowers/decorations/brickwork/kiosk x
Other Youth Exchange Student, Incoming x
Other Youth Exchange Student, Outgoing(being considered) x
Other Student of the Month/Year, Recognition/Scholarship x
Other Mentoring Program x
Other Shelter Box Program x
Other Mural Project x
Other RYLA, Rotary Youth Leadership Awards(being considered) x
Other Rock Springs Park Tennis Courts Improvements x
Other State House Circle Fountain Recognition Plaque, or equivalent x
Other GSE, Group Study Exchange(being considered) x
Other Refurbishment of previous park and fountain project(being investigated) x


Alton-Godfrey Rotary Service Projects

July 2007 - June 2008

President Josh Farley

Service Project Chairman, Mike Osborne

Rotary Literacy Project, Tom Turpin, Chairman
September - 2007

Rotary purchased and distributed dictionaries to public and private fourth grade classes in the Alton-Godfrey area. A total of 44 members (Including Interact) gave their time to this project.

Pecan Sale, Dr. Marty Carrow, Chairman

November - 2007

Marty, with the help of nine (9) other Rotary members were able to co-ordinate the entire pecan program. At the end of the day Alton-Godfrey realized a $4,688.50 profit from this fund raising event.

Lincoln-Douglas Christmas Tree, Bill Moyer, Chairman

November - 2007

With the help of Dennis Wilson and Don Moyer, Bill Moyer oversaw the putting up and taking down of the Christmas tree in downtown Alton. A good turn out of Rotary Club members insured the tree with up and taken down in a safe and timely manner.

Christmas Wonderland, Butch Chapel, Chairman

December - 2007

On a cold December night with ice and snow coming down, 33 Rotary members braved the elements to work the Christmas Wonderland Light Display at Rock Springs Park. The member's efforts were rewarded by taking in approximately $1,600.00 for charity.

Salvation Army Bell Ringing, Ed Morrissey, Jr., Chairman

December - 2007

A total of $3,967.87 was raised for the Salvation Army Tree of Lights. A total of 56 Rotary members rang bells at various locations in the Alton and Godfrey area.

Chili Chowdown, Mike Seymour, Chairman, Sam Stemm - Tickets

March - 2008

Rotary members were out in full force and they dished out 774 chili lunch and/or dinners. For their efforts the Alton-Godfrey Club raised approx. $5,700.00 net.

Alton Beautification

March - 2008

Several members of the Rotary volunteered to participate in the annual Litter Pickup held on March 29, 2008.

Bucket Brigade, Dennis Wilson, Chairman

May - 2008

The annual Bucket Brigade was held on May 17, 2008.

Golf Classic and Auction, Mike McCormick, Golf Chairman, Scott Neudecker, Auction Chairman

Rolling Hills Golf Course was the site for the Rotary Golf Outing and Auction. With the efforts of the entire club we were able to raise $8,968.29 for the Student of Month Program.

Alton-Godfrey Rotary Service Projects

July 2008 to June 2009

President, Scott Neudecker

Service Project Chairman, Mike Osborne

Completed Projects

Rotary Literacy Project, Tom Turpin, Chairman
September 2008

St. Baldrick, Ed Morrissey, Jr. Chairman
September 2008

Lincoln-Douglas Square Repairs, Bill Moyer, Chairman
October 2008

Lincoln-Douglas Christmas Tree, Bill Moyer, Chairman
November 2008

Pecan Sale-Brock Hendricks, Chairman

Christmas Wonderland-Butch Chapel, Chairman

Salvation Army Bell Ringing-Ed Morrissey, JR., Chairman

Upcoming Projects

Chili Chowdown- Mike Seymour, Chairman
Sam Stemm, Ticket Sales

Bucket Brigade-Dennis Wilson, Chairman
May- 2009

Golf and Auction-Mike McCormick, Golf Chairman
Scott Neudecker-Auction Chairman
Chris Fox-Hole Sponsorship

Ongoing Projects

Downtown Alton Mural Project
Student of the Month

Previous Service Projects

(See Club History for a more complete list)

Bucket Brigade Photos

Bucket Brigade Results 2003

We gathered at 3329 Edsall Saturday morning with rain on the way hoping we could finish the house before the rain forced us to quit. Tom Wyatt, Ed and Larry moved the plants off the front porch. Ed cleaned out the front gutter with a blower and cleaned off the front porch and ramp. Josh and Tom then started painting the garage. Larry Thompson removed the lower back storm door to take it to Lyon's glass for repair and started painting the foundation on the right side. Larry Powers and Sharon Johnson started painting the trim on the back porch. Dan Saeger painted the trim around the dormer windows in the front. Mike Fitzgerald helped Larry paint the right side foundation then moved to paint the block foundation in the back. Several of us converged on the foundation on the left side when the rain started to get serious. We thought we could paint the porch floors during the rain but it rained hard enough to get the front and back porch floors wet. We finally quit around 10:30 in the rain leaving the left side foundation to finish. We still need to paint the awnings, upper window trim (need tall extension ladder), left side foundation, repaint rain damaged part of the back foundation, garage side door, front porch trim, and both porch floors. We will need at least one more gallon of white paint.

On Saturday, May 24, 2003 a crew consisting of Ed Morrissey, Ron Mayhew, Jeff Weber, Mike and Sue Fitzgerald, Bob Fowler, Mike Tillman, and Larry Thompson arrived at 3329 Edsall to complete the painting project. Mike Tillman painted the window frame of the upper window on the west side. Ed and Jeff painted the floor of the back porch and steps. Bob, Ron and Larry finished painting the foundation, awnings and trim on the east side while Mike and Sue painted the floor of the front porch. We finally finished by 10:30.

Bucket Brigade Results 2001

Saturday, May 5, 2001 turned out to be a beautiful day especially for the resident at 1808 State Street. The crew (Rod Elias, Dale Kelley, Sharon Johnson, Bill Lutes, Ron Mayhew, Ed Morrissey, Bill Moyer, Larry Powers, Dan Saeger, Larry Thompson, Jeff Weber, and Pete Zimmer) assembled at 8:00 to take on the challenge. Congratulations on a great job.

The Alton-Godfrey Bucket Brigade crew at about 9:00 am.
Notice the porch steps.
The Alton-Godfrey Bucket Brigade crew at about 2:30 pm.
Now notice the porch steps after Sharon's paint job.

Lindbergh House

Mike St. Peters presented the request from the Lindbergh House committee asking Rotary to purchase 600 non-engraved bricks at a cost of $1,140.00. There was also an option to purchase a granite block for $500.00. The Committee feels this project meets the giving guidelines. It was approved to donate $500.00 for a granite block and $700 towards the purchase of the non-engraved bricks. The committee also has a positive recommendation to donate $2,000.00 to the Chautauqua. This project had been previously approved as a work project.

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