Feb.1921 William C. Reavis, President
Joseph G. Grossheim, Secretary
1921-22 William C. Reavis and R.F. Allen, President
Joseph G. Grossheim, Secretary
1922-23 Ralph L. Jackson, President
Rev. Fred D. Butler, Secretary
1923-24 W.T Louden, President
J.A. Giberson, Secretary
1924-25 W.R. Curtis, President
W.G. Swope, Secretary
1925-26 J.T Corbett, President
Tom Butler Secretary
1926-27 John D. McAdams, President
Tom Butler, Secretary
1927-28 Harold Powell,, President
John Theis, Secretary
1928-29 Dr. H. E. Middleton, President
A. H. Eyler, Secretary
1929-30 C. W.Warrinner, President
A. H. Eyler, Secretary
1930-31 E. H. Schippers, President
A. H. Eyler, Secretary
1931-32 C. A. Hartmann, President
A. H. Eyler, Secretary
1932-33 Dr. Mather Pfeiffenberger, President
A. H. Eyler, Secretary
1933-34 H. A. Stiles, President
A. H. Eyler, Secretary
1934-35 John L. Hurst, President
A. H. Eyler, Secretary
1935-36 Dr. Maurice R. Williamson, President
A. H. Eyler, Secretary
1936-37 H. J. Stephens, President
A. H. Eyler, Secretary
1937-38 Dudley F. Giberson, President
Rev. Wallace W. Robbins, Secretary
1938-39 Dr. D. D. Monroe, President
Carl A. Parrish, Secretary
1939-40 George B. Springman, President
C. L. Cunningham, Secretary
1940-41 Ed W. Brown, President
C.L. Cunningham, Secretary
1941-42 H. Rand Rodgers, President
Ed W. Brown, Secretary
1942-43 Thomas W. Butler, President
Dudley F. Giberson, Secretary
1943-44 George I. Rohrbough, President
Dudley F. Giberson & Joseph A. Hornsey, Secretaries
1944-45 Walter K. Stobbs, President
Palmer L. Ewing, Secretary
1945-46 Clayton J. Schlosser, President
H. Edward Meyer, Secretary
1946-47 Palmer L Ewing, President
C. L. Persing, Secretary
1947-48 H. Edward Meyer, President
Edward L. Hull, Secretary
1948-49 C. Dana Eastman, Sr., President
Edward L. Hull, Secretary
1949-50 Arthur J. Mahon, President
Leon O. Meyer & Bert J. Wuellner, Secretaries
1950-51 Edward E. Powers, President
Leon O. Meyer, Secretary
1951-52 Bert J.Wuellner, President
Dr. Robert R. Anschuetz, Secretary
1952-53 Leon O. Meyer, President
Robert M. StillWell, Secretary
1953-54 J. Milton Cassella, President
Robert M. Stillwell, Secretary
1954-55 Edward P. Foeller, President
Joseph A. Hornsey, Secretary
1955-56 Raymond Ready, President
Joesph A. Hornsey, Secretary
1956-57 Ben C. Vine, President
James J. Lewis, Secretary
1957-58 Dr. Robert R. Anschuetz, President
Sidney S. Arst, Secretary
1958-59 Herbert R. Hellrung, President
Sidney S. Arst, Secretary
1959-60 James J. Lewis, President
Bernard T. Keeney, Secretary
1960-61 John L. Jehle, President
George L. Springman, Secretary
1961-62 Bernard T. Keeney, President
Sidney S. Arst, Secretary
1962-63 Gene F. Kratschmer, President
Rev. Dr. Cortley H. Burroughs, Secretary
1963-64 Herman T. Bunyan, President
(resigned 8/5/63 due to health)
Rev. Dr. Cortley H. Burroughs, Secretary
1963-64 Dr. Forbes S. Robertson, President
Dr. Paul A. Maley, Secretary
1964-65 Rev. Dr. Cortley H. Burroughs, President
Dr. Paul A. Maley, Secretary
1965-66 Dr. John J. Glynn, President
Dr. Forbes S. Robertson, Secretary
1966-67 Dr. Paul A. Maley, President
LeRoy A. Bordeaux, Secretary
1967-68 Paul R. Lauschke, Jr., President
Melvin A. Sparlin, Secretary
1968-69 LeRoy A. Bordeaux, President
Dr. Richard D. Jones, Secretary
1969-70 Melvin A. Sparlin, President
Dr. Richard D. Jones, Secretary
1970-71 Dana Eastman, Jr., President
J. Paul Gitchoff, Jr., Secretary
1971-72 Dr. Richard D. Jones, President
J. Paul Gitchoff, Jr., Secretary
1972-73 J. Paul Gitchoff, Jr., President
Dr. Henry G. Elsbach, Secretary
1973-74 Robert Yancy, President
Roger O. Schubert, Secretary
1974-75 Dr. Henry G. Elsbach, President
Leo E. Thompson, Secretary
1975-76 Roger O. Schubert, President
GeorgeTyler, Secretary
1976-77 Leo E. Thompson, President
Malcom L. Kindig, Secretary
1977-78 Dale A. Kelley, President
Paul A. Maley, Jr., Secretary
1978-79 Malcom L. Kindig, President
Ronald Hauck, Secretary
1979-80 Paul A. Maley, Jr., President
William E. Kessler, Secretary
1980-81 Ronald Hauck, President
George Tyler, Secretary
1981-82 William E. Kessler, President
Eugene C. Crivello, Secretary
1982-83 David W. Walker, President
J. Terrance Dooling, Secretary
1983-84 Eugene C. Crivello, President
Robert J. Tolliver, Secretary
1984-85 J. Terrance Dooling, President
Stephen F. Hager, Secretary
1985-86 Robert J. Tolliver, President
William E. Moyer, Secretary
1986-87 Jerry W. Thomas, President
Charles B. Walters, Secretary
1987-88 William E. Moyer, President
Charles W. Daly, Secretary
1988-89 Charles B. Walters, President
John W. Theen, Secretary
Charles W. Daly, President
Michael D. Seymour, Secretary
1989-90 John W. Theen, President
James M. Towey, Secretary
1990-91 Michael D. Seymour, President
Clemeth L. Binning, Secretary
1991-92 James M. Towey, President
Dave Porto, Secretary
1992-93 Clemeth L. Binning, President
Dave Porto, Secretary
1993-94 Dave Porto, President
Chuck Halverson, Secretary
1994-95 Chuck Halverson, President
Joe Hughes, Secretary
1995-96 Dave Bartosiak, President
John Rain, Secretary
1996-97 Pete Zimmer, President
Steve Pope, Secretary
1997-98 John Rain, President
G. Curtis Martin, Secretary
1998-99 Steve Pope, President
Allen Klope, Secretary
1999-00 G. Curtis  Martin, President
Sam Stemm, Secretary
2000-2001 L. Allen Klope, President
Ed Morrissey, Secretary
2001-2002 Sam Stemm, President
Don E. Miller, Secretary
2002-2003 Ed Morrissey, President
Mike McCormick & Larry Thompson, Secretaries
2003-2004 Mike McCormick, President
Sharon Johnson, Secretary
2004-2005 Larry Thompson, President
Jeannine Kelly, Secretary
2005-2006 Dr. Sharon Johnson, President
Josh Farley, Secretary
2006-2007 Jeannine Kelly, President
Scott Neudecker, Secretary
2007-2008 Josh Farley, President
Ford Phillips, Secretary
2008-2009 Scott Neudecker, President
Roland Hansen, Secretary
2009-2010 Ford Phillips, President
Mike Tillman, Secretary
2010-2011 Roland Hansen, President
Jasper Fisher, Secretary
2011-2012 Mike Tillman, President
Robert Hamilton, Secretary
2012-2013 Bob Hamilton, President
John Hopkins, Secretary
2013-2014 Gail Weinrich, President
Liz Parker, Secretary
2014-2015 John Hopkins, President
Gary Ayres, Secretary
2015-2016 Liz Parker, President
Tom Hoechst, Secretary
2016-2017 Gary Ayres, President
Jim White, Secretary/Treasurer
2017-2018 Ron Mayhew, President
Tim Hinrichs, Secretary/Treasurer
2018-2019 Jim White, President
Andy Bowen, Secretary/Treasurer
2019-2020 Tim Hinrichs, President
Steve Schwartz, Secretary/Treasurer
2020-2021 Andy Bowen, President
Antione Williams, Secretary/Treasurer
Club Leaders
RI Convention 2023

Registration is now open for the 2022 Rotary International Convention May 27-31, 2023 in Melbourne, Australia.  Learn More
Lincoln-Douglas Square Construction
Bicycle Trail
Message from the Club President
Dear members,

We will be choosing our Student of the year next week as our student banquet will be June 6th at Gentelin’s.  Our schedule thru 6/30 will be

May 16- Gentelin’s. Speaker-Al Womack
May 23-social meeting-TB
May 30- Off- Memorial Day
June 6- Student of year Banquet
June 13- Board Meeting-Quarterly Assessment- Gentelin’s
June 20-TBD
June 27- Installation Banquet Premier Hotel

I would like to bring attention to an issue we have with weekly meals, so I ask for help to all members. Recently, we have increased the cost of meals that Gentelin’s serve because of the increase in food costs and our Club’s request to have a larger protein portion served with our meal. We also guarantee Gentelin’s a minimum of 25 meals per week.  

Katie emails all members on every Tuesday requesting members to RSVP to her they wish to reserve a meal.  I in turn must report those numbers to Ryan Gentelin by noon on Saturday as he requires the count to make preparations for Monday.  

It is not unusual that we have members coming to our meetings without making a reservation. In the past, we have accommodated those members, which results in smaller portions for those members who made reservations along with making issues for Gentelin’s staff. 
We can no longer accommodate those that do not respond to Katie.  All are welcome and we want to serve everyone, but if you do not respond to Katie you might not get a meal at our meeting.  

So PLEASE RESPOND and make that reservation to Katie so we do not have to inconvenience anyone. 

Thank you

Steve Schwartz
Club Email Address
Club Email Address:
Students of the Month
Students of the Month 2021-22
  • September 2021: Monica Kerkemeyer, Alton High School and Sophia Kumagai, Alton High School
  • October 2021: Connor Mathus, Alton High School and Preston Stork, Marquette Catholic
  • November 2021: Paige Ontis, Alton High School and Clancy Maag, Marquette Catholic
  • December 2021: Josie Giertz, Alton High School and Emma Bohannon, Marquette Catholic
  • January 2022: Savannah Scheffel, Alton High School and McKinzie Wright, Mississippi Valley
  • February 2022: Kamren Mason-el, Alton High School and Isabelle Droste, Marquette Catholic High School
  • March 2022: Abigail Hasty, Alton High School and Elizabeth Guenther, Marquette Catholic
  • April 2022: Taylor Freer, Alton High School and Abbigail Jarnagin, Alton High School
  • May 2022: Anna Kane, Alton High School and Emma Barham, Alton High School 
  • June 2022: The 2021-22 Student of the Year is Abigail Hasty from Alton High School 
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