Feb.1921 William C. Reavis, President
Joseph G. Grossheim, Secretary
1921-22 William C. Reavis and R.F. Allen, President
Joseph G. Grossheim, Secretary
1922-23 Ralph L. Jackson, President
Rev. Fred D. Butler, Secretary
1923-24 W.T Louden, President
J.A. Giberson, Secretary
1924-25 W.R. Curtis, President
W.G. Swope, Secretary
1925-26 J.T Corbett, President
Tom Butler Secretary
1926-27 John D. McAdams, President
Tom Butler, Secretary
1927-28 Harold Powell,, President
John Theis, Secretary
1928-29 Dr. H. E. Middleton, President
A. H. Eyler, Secretary
1929-30 C. W.Warrinner, President
A. H. Eyler, Secretary
1930-31 E. H. Schippers, President
A. H. Eyler, Secretary
1931-32 C. A. Hartmann, President
A. H. Eyler, Secretary
1932-33 Dr. Mather Pfeiffenberger, President
A. H. Eyler, Secretary
1933-34 H. A. Stiles, President
A. H. Eyler, Secretary
1934-35 John L. Hurst, President
A. H. Eyler, Secretary
1935-36 Dr. Maurice R. Williamson, President
A. H. Eyler, Secretary
1936-37 H. J. Stephens, President
A. H. Eyler, Secretary
1937-38 Dudley F. Giberson, President
Rev. Wallace W. Robbins, Secretary
1938-39 Dr. D. D. Monroe, President
Carl A. Parrish, Secretary
1939-40 George B. Springman, President
C. L. Cunningham, Secretary
1940-41 Ed W. Brown, President
C.L. Cunningham, Secretary
1941-42 H. Rand Rodgers, President
Ed W. Brown, Secretary
1942-43 Thomas W. Butler, President
Dudley F. Giberson, Secretary
1943-44 George I. Rohrbough, President
Dudley F. Giberson & Joseph A. Hornsey, Secretaries
1944-45 Walter K. Stobbs, President
Palmer L. Ewing, Secretary
1945-46 Clayton J. Schlosser, President
H. Edward Meyer, Secretary
1946-47 Palmer L Ewing, President
C. L. Persing, Secretary
1947-48 H. Edward Meyer, President
Edward L. Hull, Secretary
1948-49 C. Dana Eastman, Sr., President
Edward L. Hull, Secretary
1949-50 Arthur J. Mahon, President
Leon O. Meyer & Bert J. Wuellner, Secretaries
1950-51 Edward E. Powers, President
Leon O. Meyer, Secretary
1951-52 Bert J.Wuellner, President
Dr. Robert R. Anschuetz, Secretary
1952-53 Leon O. Meyer, President
Robert M. StillWell, Secretary
1953-54 J. Milton Cassella, President
Robert M. Stillwell, Secretary
1954-55 Edward P. Foeller, President
Joseph A. Hornsey, Secretary
1955-56 Raymond Ready, President
Joesph A. Hornsey, Secretary
1956-57 Ben C. Vine, President
James J. Lewis, Secretary
1957-58 Dr. Robert R. Anschuetz, President
Sidney S. Arst, Secretary
1958-59 Herbert R. Hellrung, President
Sidney S. Arst, Secretary
1959-60 James J. Lewis, President
Bernard T. Keeney, Secretary
1960-61 John L. Jehle, President
George L. Springman, Secretary
1961-62 Bernard T. Keeney, President
Sidney S. Arst, Secretary
1962-63 Gene F. Kratschmer, President
Rev. Dr. Cortley H. Burroughs, Secretary
1963-64 Herman T. Bunyan, President
(resigned 8/5/63 due to health)
Rev. Dr. Cortley H. Burroughs, Secretary
1963-64 Dr. Forbes S. Robertson, President
Dr. Paul A. Maley, Secretary
1964-65 Rev. Dr. Cortley H. Burroughs, President
Dr. Paul A. Maley, Secretary
1965-66 Dr. John J. Glynn, President
Dr. Forbes S. Robertson, Secretary
1966-67 Dr. Paul A. Maley, President
LeRoy A. Bordeaux, Secretary
1967-68 Paul R. Lauschke, Jr., President
Melvin A. Sparlin, Secretary
1968-69 LeRoy A. Bordeaux, President
Dr. Richard D. Jones, Secretary
1969-70 Melvin A. Sparlin, President
Dr. Richard D. Jones, Secretary
1970-71 Dana Eastman, Jr., President
J. Paul Gitchoff, Jr., Secretary
1971-72 Dr. Richard D. Jones, President
J. Paul Gitchoff, Jr., Secretary
1972-73 J. Paul Gitchoff, Jr., President
Dr. Henry G. Elsbach, Secretary
1973-74 Robert Yancy, President
Roger O. Schubert, Secretary
1974-75 Dr. Henry G. Elsbach, President
Leo E. Thompson, Secretary
1975-76 Roger O. Schubert, President
GeorgeTyler, Secretary
1976-77 Leo E. Thompson, President
Malcom L. Kindig, Secretary
1977-78 Dale A. Kelley, President
Paul A. Maley, Jr., Secretary
1978-79 Malcom L. Kindig, President
Ronald Hauck, Secretary
1979-80 Paul A. Maley, Jr., President
William E. Kessler, Secretary
1980-81 Ronald Hauck, President
George Tyler, Secretary
1981-82 William E. Kessler, President
Eugene C. Crivello, Secretary
1982-83 David W. Walker, President
J. Terrance Dooling, Secretary
1983-84 Eugene C. Crivello, President
Robert J. Tolliver, Secretary
1984-85 J. Terrance Dooling, President
Stephen F. Hager, Secretary
1985-86 Robert J. Tolliver, President
William E. Moyer, Secretary
1986-87 Jerry W. Thomas, President
Charles B. Walters, Secretary
1987-88 William E. Moyer, President
Charles W. Daly, Secretary
1988-89 Charles B. Walters, President
John W. Theen, Secretary
Charles W. Daly, President
Michael D. Seymour, Secretary
1989-90 John W. Theen, President
James M. Towey, Secretary
1990-91 Michael D. Seymour, President
Clemeth L. Binning, Secretary
1991-92 James M. Towey, President
Dave Porto, Secretary
1992-93 Clemeth L. Binning, President
Dave Porto, Secretary
1993-94 Dave Porto, President
Chuck Halverson, Secretary
1994-95 Chuck Halverson, President
Joe Hughes, Secretary
1995-96 Dave Bartosiak, President
John Rain, Secretary
1996-97 Pete Zimmer, President
Steve Pope, Secretary
1997-98 John Rain, President
G. Curtis Martin, Secretary
1998-99 Steve Pope, President
Allen Klope, Secretary
1999-00 G. Curtis  Martin, President
Sam Stemm, Secretary
2000-2001 L. Allen Klope, President
Ed Morrissey, Secretary
2001-2002 Sam Stemm, President
Don E. Miller, Secretary
2002-2003 Ed Morrissey, President
Mike McCormick & Larry Thompson, Secretaries
2003-2004 Mike McCormick, President
Sharon Johnson, Secretary
2004-2005 Larry Thompson, President
Jeannine Kelly, Secretary
2005-2006 Dr. Sharon Johnson, President
Josh Farley, Secretary
2006-2007 Jeannine Kelly, President
Scott Neudecker, Secretary
2007-2008 Josh Farley, President
Ford Phillips, Secretary
2008-2009 Scott Neudecker, President
Roland Hansen, Secretary
2009-2010 Ford Phillips, President
Mike Tillman, Secretary
2010-2011 Roland Hansen, President
Jasper Fisher, Secretary
2011-2012 Mike Tillman, President
Robert Hamilton, Secretary
2012-2013 Bob Hamilton, President
John Hopkins, Secretary
2013-2014 Gail Weinrich, President
Liz Parker, Secretary
2014-2015 John Hopkins, President
Gary Ayres, Secretary
2015-2016 Liz Parker, President
Tom Hoechst, Secretary
2016-2017 Gary Ayres, President
Jim White, Secretary/Treasurer
2017-2018 Ron Mayhew, President
Tim Hinrichs, Secretary/Treasurer
2018-2019 Jim White, President
Andy Bowen, Secretary/Treasurer
2019-2020 Tim Hinrichs, President
Steve Schwartz, Secretary/Treasurer
2020-2021 Andy Bowen, President
Antione Williams, Secretary/Treasurer
2021-2022 Steve Schwartz, President
Andy Bowen, Secretary/Treasurer
2022-2023 Antione Williams, President
Donna Bemis, Secretary/Treasurer
Club Leaders
Simpson Tennis Pavilion
Centennial Park
Christmas Tree 2022
Club Email Address
Club Email Address:
[email protected]
Students of the Month
Students of the Month 2023-2024
  • September 2023: Keion Lacey, Alton High School and Clara Velloff, Alton High School
  • October 2023: Lukas Norton, Alton High School and Meredith Zigrang, Marquette Catholic
  • November 2023: Emily Schrumpf, Alton High School and Alecia McCulley, Marquette Catholic
  • December 2023: Morgan Jones, Alton High School and Abilgail Taylor, Marquette Catholic
  • January 2024: Makenzie Jones, Alton High School and Drew Gaworski, Mississippi Valley
  • February 2024: Amirah Perry, Alton High School and Peter Walch, Marquette Catholic High School
  • March 2024: Jada Bruce, Alton High School and Macy Stevenson, Marquette Catholic
  • April 2024: Marissa Lewis, Alton High School and Owen Robien, Alton High School
  • May 2024: Khalilia Spitz, Alton High School and Tucker Gehrig, Alton High School 
  • June 2024: The 2023-24 Student of the Year will be announced.
Club Events
RI Convention 2024
2024 Singapore convention
Registration is now open for the Rotary International Convention May 25-29, 2024 in Singapore.  Learn More[
Lincoln-Douglas Square Construction
Alton-Godfrey Rotary Projects