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Club Leaders
Centennial Park
Christmas Tree 2022
Alton-Godfrey Golf Scramble 2022
Club Email Address
Club Email Address:
[email protected]
Students of the Month
Students of the Month 2023-2024
  • September 2023: Keion Lacey, Alton High School and Clara Velloff, Alton High School
  • October 2023: Lukas Norton, Alton High School and Meredith Zigrang, Marquette Catholic
  • November 2023: Emily Schrumpf, Alton High School and Alecia McCulley, Marquette Catholic
  • December 2023: Morgan Jones, Alton High School and Abilgail Taylor, Marquette Catholic
  • January 2024: Makenzie Jones, Alton High School and Drew Gaworski, Mississippi Valley
  • February 2024: Amirah Perry, Alton High School and Peter Walch, Marquette Catholic High School
  • March 2024: ?, Alton High School and ?, Marquette Catholic
  • April 2024: ?, Alton High School and ?, Alton High School
  • May 2024: ?, Alton High School and ?, Alton High School 
  • June 2024: The 2023-24 Student of the Year will be announced.
Club Events
RI Convention 2024
2024 Singapore convention
Registration is now open for the Rotary International Convention May 25-29, 2024 in Singapore.  Learn More[
Lincoln-Douglas Square Construction
Alton-Godfrey Rotary Projects